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The EntericBio workstation from Serosep UK

Join the growing number of EntericBio users in the UK, delivering fast and accurate enteric screening using Serosep UK’s Enteric PCR solution.

Molecular solutions to detect new SARS-CoV-2 variants from Werfen

Increasing diversity of SARS-CoV-2 variants and potential higher infectivity of new viral strains underline the need to identify and track mutations across the complete viral genome.

All-in-one laboratory aspirator

Don Whitley Scientific has launched the Whitley AsPROvac, an all-in-one laboratory aspirator to ensure biological liquid waste can be aspirated and disposed of quickly and safely.

A small workstation with big ideas

Don Whitley Scientific has launched its smallest anaerobic workstation: the Whitley A20 Workstation. The anaerobic chamber provides excellent conditions for the processing, incubation and examination of samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen.

Increased pipetting productivity and performance

INTEGRA’s range of VOYAGER and VIAFLO single and multichannel electronic pipettes can help laboratories enhance their precision and accuracy, and improve ergonomics, while saving time and reducing costs.

Basic ductless fume hoods

Purair Basic ductless fume hoods provide high-level performance features at an affordable price. They are designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapours generated on the work surface.

Monoclonal antibodies to clostridia glutamate dehydrogenase

ViroStat has announces the release of new monoclonal antibody pairs to clostridia glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH), validated by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). These antibodies represent a new set of tools for rapid detection.

Pipetting solutions improve ELISA workflows

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) are popular plate-based methods to detect and quantify peptides, proteins, antibodies or hormones. However, they generally involve multiple pipetting steps that are time-consuming and tedious to perform, requiring consistent processing to ensure success. INTEGRA Biosciences offers a range of liquid-handling solutions to improve ELISA workflows, designed to make the process easier and results more reproducible.

Ultraviolet sterilisation working for you

The UV-Box from Air Science is a high-efficiency chamber designed to decontaminate contents safely while providing a safe work environment for the operator. High-intensity UV lamps are positioned within the cabinet producing short-wave ultraviolet light at 254 nm to destroy exposed surface DNA and bacteria, leaving items free of contamination prior to other forensic tests, analysis or procedures.

SpeciSafe: the easy way to meet UN3373 Compliance criteria

With strict regulations applying to the transportation of biological specimens such as swabs for COVID-19 testing, samples need to be transported in UN3373-compliant packaging. SpeciSafe packs, available from Alpha Laboratories, provide a safe, convenient, economical and compliant transport solution for such Category B samples. The all-in-one leakproof secondary packaging solution with inbuilt absorbent, protects and separates primary containers.

Integra launches two new high-volume pipettes

Integra Biosciences is expanding its comprehensive collection of pipettes with the upcoming launch of two new EVOLVE manual pipettes – high-volume 8- and 12-channel options offering a market-leading capacity of 1250 µL per channel.

Monoclonal antibodies to Powassan virus

ViroStat has developed several new monoclonal antibodies specific to the Powassan virus. These antibodies do not cross react with other related flaviviruses and as such are excellent reagent tools for research with potential for diagnostics.

Sample integrity maintained with new RNA Complete BCT

New RNA Complete BCT is a direct draw blood collection tube, now available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories. These blood collection tubes contain a preservative that stabilises cell-free RNA and exosome counts, maintaining the draw time concentration for up to seven days when stored at room temperature.

Compact chilling/heating dry bath for robotic systems

Torrey Pines Scientific has launched its EchoTherm RIC40 Peltier-driven, compact chilling/heating dry baths with temperature control from 0ºC to 100ºC. They are designed for use with robotic systems, and controlled via the RS232 I/O port on each RIC40 unit.

Compact random-access analyser and liquid-stable reagents

The EKF Altair 240 clinical chemistry analyser is a compact and fully automated random-access benchtop instrument with positions for 43 reagents, including the ability to configure open channels. The analyser can use barcoded and easy-to-load high-quality Stanbio reagents or reagents from any other manufacturer. The intuitive Windows-based software and touchscreen interface makes operating the analyser quick and easy.

ECO Racks and PopTop base reduce plastic use

Integra's new ECO Racks help to reduce plastic consumption and save recycling space. Available for standard 12.5 to 1250 μL GripTips (in both 96- and 384-tip configurations), these racks contain 60% less plastic, while maintaining the high standards expected from Integra products.

PCR laminar-flow cabinets

The Air Science PCR laminar-flow cabinet employs Air Science Multiplex HEPA filtration technology to create a safe, energy-efficient, contaminant-free environment. It is ideally suited for use with non-hazardous contaminants and when flexible access to the instrumentation in the cabinet is required.

High-performance measurement equipment

At EuroLab 2020 in Warsaw (17–19 March), T&D Corporation will be presenting monitoring solutions adaptable to individual needs, and ideally suited to logging various conditions in medical and laboratory surroundings. At the show, T&D will showcase versatile wireless data logger systems, including the RTR-500 series, the Bluetooth-featured WiFi logger TR-7 series and the easy-to-use Bluetooth logger TR4-series, as well as suitable software applications.

Next-generation plate sealer offers flexibility and efficiency

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a next-generation, compressor-free plate sealer, designed to alleviate the maintenance burden on operators, while offering unparalleled process customisation capabilities, intuitive operation and significant work efficiencies. Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and academic research laboratories can now benefit from a system capable of simplifying the plate-sealing process and enabling improved reliability and productivity both for standalone, as well as, integrated robotic projects.

Thirteen-colour clinical flow cytometry system

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has introduced the DxFLEX, Europe’s first CE-IVD, 13-colour clinical flow cytometry system. The DxFLEX uses avalanche photodiode (APD) technology, which creates a highly sensitive semiconductor electronic device able to convert light to electricity. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences first harnessed the use of fibre optics in its flagship research flow cytometry system, the CytoFLEX. The use of APD technology transforms the way a compact flow cytometry instrument can deliver high-content research analysis.

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Upcoming Events

Lab Innovations 2021

NEC, Birmingham
3-4 November 2021

IBMS Biomedical Science Congress 2022

International Convention Centre, Birmingham
14-17 March 2022

Access the latest issue of Pathology In Practice on your mobile device together with an archive of back issues.

Download the FREE Pathology In Practice app from your device's App store

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