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Japanese encephalitis virus monoclonal antibodies

Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is a Flavivirus spread by mosquitos in South-East Asia and the Western Pacific regions. Most infections cause little or no symptoms; however, occasional inflammation of the brain can occur. Mortality is highest in children but an effective vaccine is available.

Clearance for point-of-care haemoglobin analyser

EKF Diagnostics has announced US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its hand-held, reagent-free haemoglobin analyser, the DiaSpect Tm, for use in point-of-care (POC) testing.

Comprehensive range of haemostasis solutions launched

Horiba UK Medical has launched its new Yumizen G range of instruments and reagents. Marking a milestone in the company’s product development programme, the Yumizen G range extends its haematology portfolio into the complementary field of haemostasis.

Rapid, easy and accurate gene expression detection and localisation

Bio-Techne has expanded the automation capabilities of its Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD)-branded RNAscope in situ hybridisation (ISH) technology with the launch of several new and updated assays. The developments increase both access to, and use of, RNAscope and improve overall robustness and ease of use. The continued investment in automation builds on successful agreements with equipment providers and is driven by Bio-Techne’s desire to facilitate drug discovery and development via rapid, easy, and accurate gene expression detection and localisation.

Mycoplasma genitalium Positive Control kit gains FDA clearance

SpeeDx’s ResistancePlus MG Positive Control kit has now been listed with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for sale in the United States. The ResistancePlus MG Positive Control kit contains synthetic DNA to simulate Mycoplasma genitalium, as well as five mutations known to confer resistance to macrolide antibiotics.

Streamlining urine drug testing workflow

Phenomenex has introduced Strata-X-Drug B Plus, a solid-phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation product for urine drug testing in clinical and forensic toxicology. An expansion of Phenomenex’s drug testing product line, the new Drug B Plus option joins the original Strata-X-Drug B, which is designated for matrices such as plasma, whole blood and serum.

Creatinine and urea added to point-of-care test menu

Radiometer has announced the commercial launch of its CE-marked point-of-care tests for creatinine and urea, the latest additions to the ABL90 FLEX PLUS blood gas analyser’s test menu. The versatile ABL90 FLEX PLUS is the only compact blood gas analyser to offer such an extensive range of critical care parameters – blood gas, electrolytes, metabolites and co-oximetry.

Faster platelet aggregation in the core laboratory

Stago has launched a compact platelet aggregation system for the faster exploration and evaluation of platelet function in citrated platelet-rich plasma. The eight- and four-channel instruments, the TA-8V and TA-4V, bring specialist testing for potential platelet disorders closer to the patient. This helps to speed the diagnostic pathway while saving laboratory time and costs.

Improved online access to expert FISH advice

Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) has launched a new version of its Cytocell fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) probes website, which is designed to provide information and advice, offer refined functionality, and be easy to use. Cytocell is known for its complete and comprehensive range of FISH probes, customer support, service and expertise. In order to share this expertise and knowledge, OGT has redeveloped the website to increase accessibility.

Reproducibility of biological sample preparation maximised

PIPETMAX is an easy-to-use, automated liquid-handling platform that increases the reproducibility and pace of experiments. With a multitude of applications at a user’s disposal, such as quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) cell-based assays, scientists can maximise their time at the bench.

Compact and cost-effective gel doc system

Syngene has introduced its new red InGenius3 gel documentation system. Designed with a small darkroom for use with a choice of ultraviolet (UV), blue and white lighting, the InGenius3 is aimed at laboratories looking for a versatile, budget system to image both DNA and protein gels accurately.

Hands-free multichannel pipetting

Integra has launched the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot to put automated pipetting within reach of virtually every laboratory. Using any Integra electronic multichannel pipette, this compact system offers laboratory automation at an affordable price, providing reproducible and error-free processing while eliminating repetitive manual pipetting tasks.

Rabbit monoclonal antibody to group B Streptococcus

Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is found on the skin of many adults and does not usually cause disease. However, when passed to infants at birth, GBS can cause severe disease that can be fatal. This makes it a leading cause of infections in newborns. Fortunately, antibiotic treatment during delivery can protect the baby, and now ViroStat has released a new rabbit monoclonal antibody specific to GBS

Convenient and versatile storage of fastidious microorganisms

Mast Group has announced its new CRYOBANK, which is based on a cryovial system that comprises chemically treated beads covered with a special cryogenic preserving solution. CRYOBANK offers a reliable, convenient and versatile system for storing and preserving fastidious bacteria for long periods. CRYOBANK permits the easy establishment of a culture collection for laboratory accreditation or research purposes.

Quick and easy chemiluminescent blot imaging

Syngene has introduced its new GeneGnome XRQ, a dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system designed to image chemiluminescent Western blots rapidly and accurately. The new blue GeneGnome XRQ houses a high-quality F/0.95 fixed focus, cooled camera with on chip integration and GeneSys software, all packed into a light-tight darkroom.

Next-generation collagen, a new dimension

Next-generation collagen producer Jellagen has developed a new kit for cell culture and tissue engineering researchers to enable them to easily create 3D cell scaffolds. The new Jellagen 3D Hydrogel kit includes everything required to make 3D scaffolds and other matrices for a wide range of cell lines.

Tabletop peristaltic liquid filling machine

New from the Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) is the Flexicon PF7 peristaltic tabletop aseptic liquid filling machine optimised for operation in GMP-regulated areas such as biotechnology and diagnostics. Engineered with Flexicon’s trademark precision performance, the PF7 adds a more intuitive, validation-friendly operator interface to reduce the risk of costly filling errors.

Herpes virus monoclonal antibodies

Herpes simplex viruses (HSV) types 1 and 2 cause both oral and genital infections. The resulting skin blisters are painful and can last two or more weeks before healing. These viruses lay dormant in nerve cells and can reactivate, causing a return of blisters. Infection lasts a lifetime and currently there is no cure.

Data management solution for POC haemoglobin analysis

EKF Diagnostics has launched POC Connect, a data management smartphone application for its DiaSpect Tm haemoglobin analyser. Lightweight and palm-sized, the DiaSpect Tm delivers laboratory quality haemoglobin results within two seconds at the point of care (POC). With the availability of POC Connect, this makes it ideal for mobile health checks and anaemia screening in a range of locations, environments and climatic conditions.

Thawing technology to support cryopreserved sample recovery

GE Healthcare has introduced the first in its VIA Thaw series, the VIA Thaw CB1000 for thawing large volumes of cell therapies cryopreserved in cryo-bags. This range of automated dry thawing units provides users with control over the thawing of sensitive therapies, and addresses key challenges faced by cell therapy companies.

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Upcoming Events

Lab Innovations 2021

NEC, Birmingham
3-4 November 2021

IBMS Biomedical Science Congress 2022

International Convention Centre, Birmingham
14-17 March 2022

Access the latest issue of Pathology In Practice on your mobile device together with an archive of back issues.

Download the FREE Pathology In Practice app from your device's App store

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