Benefits of using saliva to diagnose hormone imbalances

Hormone testing is an important diagnostic tool, but there are limitations to using blood for such tests. In this article, Dr Dajana Domik looks at the benefits of saliva diagnostics and the automation technologies that can streamline analysis workflows, as well as sharing the details of a testing facility success story.

Osmolality: using automation to enhance this powerful screening tool

Osmolality testing is a powerful screening tool which provides quick and accurate diagnoses for a wide range of disorders. With continuing pressure on laboratories and their staff, a new osmometer with increased automation, ease of use, and workflow flexibility also offers further features to minimise errors and simplify the testing process.

Improving efficiency in oestradiol testing for rapid IVF support

Testing for oestradiol is a crucial first step in the time-sensitive IVF process. Detailed here are the steps a French-based laboratory was able to take to automate this previously time-consuming and labour-intensive task safely and effectively, while still meeting important deadlines.

Flagship HbA1c analyser from ARKRAY improves diabetes testing workflow

Pathology in Practice asked ARKRAY general manager David Eyre to provide insights into overall trends while assessing the current UK situation post-COVID. He offers a solution for speeding up all HbA1c testing, increasing throughput for routine tests while reducing unnecessary testing for variants.

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