Starlab's TipOne Refill System Voted Product of the Year 2024!

Starlab's commitment to excellence, exceptional quality, and seeking sustainable solutions for the laboratory has been celebrated with the prestigious Product of the Year 2024 award in the Liquid Handling category by Labo.de readers.

Laboratory and Medical Equipment at a Fraction of RRP

John Pye Auctions, established in 1968, is the UK’s leading commercial auction house. Throughout 2024, we are hosting weekly online auction sales featuring a variety of brand-name, high-quality medical and laboratory machinery, as well as consumables. These items cover the areas of manufacturing, testing, research, packing, and storage.

Thermo Fisher Scientific showcases latest biopharmaceutical and proteomics workflow innovations

New mass spectrometry instrument and consumables launch during IMSC 2022 event in Maastricht.

The Infection Challenging the World: a commercial response

The Annual Scientific Conference hosted by the British Society for Microbial Technology (BSMT) has always been the beneficiary of support and sponsorship from a range of relevant companies.

A complete packaging solution from Alpha Laboratories

Throughout the pandemic, Alpha Laboratories has been supplying a range of swabs and transport tubes to help facilitate testing demands. The company has also provided expertise and supplies to support compliant specimen transport.

The AltoStar platform from Altona Diagnostics

Altona Diagnostics is focused on bringing to market high-quality molecular test systems for the detection and quantification of a broad range of infectious disease pathogens.

The portable BD Veritor Plus system

BD Integrated Diagnostic Solutions (IDS)provides solutions from collection to results, to drive impactful outcomes in patient and healthcare worker safety through reducing diagnostic errors, improving efficiency and integrated diagnostic stewardship.

Screen for fungal diseases with BioConnections

COVID-19 infections present a significant risk of secondary infection, as seen in emerging reports of a link between COVID-19 and fungal co-infections such as aspergillosis.

Biomed Online learning: FISH in invasive breast cancer

Biomed Online offers a well-established suite of short courses delivered over 12 weeks for the continuing professional development of biomedical scientists and workplace practitioners

The BIOFIRE FILMARRAY system from bioMérieux

The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing, unprecedented global health challenge, and bioMérieux is proud to be part of the global response.

The MALDI Biotyper from Bruker

As a result of the global SARS-CoV-2pandemic, clinical microbiology laboratories are facing a significantly increased workload. On top of testing for the virus, those critically ill with COVID-19 are susceptible to secondary bacterial infections.

GeneXpert Xpress from Cepheid

Over a decade ago, Cepheid set the standard for innovation in automated molecular diagnostics — and the company has never looked back.

The UniVerse, now distributed through Don Whitley Scientific

Don Whitley Scientific is best known within laboratory circles for its range of modified atmosphere workstations and spiral platers.

SARS-CoV-2 infection or vaccination; a trio of tests from EUROIMMUN

EUROIMMUN UK supplies the healthcare industry with medical diagnostic products in the principal areas of autoimmunity, infectious diseases and allergy.

Launch Diagnostics supplies reagents, instruments and services

Launch Diagnostics has been a supplier of diagnostic innovation for more than 30 years, providing strategic solutions for the microbiology laboratory.

Comprehensive respiratory pathogen detection from Luminex

Whatever the testing algorithm required, Luminex has something to offer.

Antimicrobial resistance detection expertise from Mast Group

Mast Group is a UK-based independent European manufacturer and supplier of clinical diagnostic products. Established in Liverpool in 1957, Mast Group has grown into a multinational company exporting globally.

Molecular diagnostics from Mobidiag

Mobidiag develops and markets molecular diagnostics for gastrointestinal infections, antimicrobial resistance management, healthcare-associated infections and respiratory infections (including COVID-19).

Selective enrichment broth and swab from MWE

Recently, Nadine Dorries, Minister of State for Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Patient Safety, reinforced the importance of following the RCOG guidelines on the prevention of, and treatment for, group B Streptococcus (GBS).

The NCTC holds over 6000 type and reference bacterial strains

The National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC) is one of four Culture Collections operated by Public Health England. NCTC is the longest-established collection of its type and entered its centenary year in 2020.

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