The UniVerse, now distributed through Don Whitley Scientific

Don Whitley Scientific is best known within laboratory circles for its range of modified atmosphere workstations and spiral platers.

In addition to this legacy, the company is well-established in its work with international partners to
distribute a variety of automated laboratory solutions.

One example of this is COPAN’s newly launched UniVerse, a high-throughput system capable of de-capping, recapping, pipetting and aliquoting from primary tube to secondary tube (or deepwell
plates) prior to molecular diagnostic testing.

As the name suggests, UniVerse offers a universal response to some of the most critical challenges faced by today’s clinical laboratories. Paring perfectly with every
downstream molecular biology platform, it ensures the safety of operators, eliminates human error, provides rigorous traceability, and increases productivity.

A wide variety of assays can be accommodated including respiratory, gastrointestinal, hospital-acquired infections, SARS-CoV-2, HPV and STI screening.

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