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Statistical quality control: further assessment of more-complex QC charting

In this eighth article in the series on internal quality control, Stephen MacDonald continues his review of the various ways that control can be charted. Here, he focuses on more-complex QC charting.

Snail mucus: antimicrobial properties found in common species of mollusc

The search for novel antibiotic agents, and those that exert their antimicrobial effect in different ways, is currently high on the research agenda. Here, Sarah J Pitt and Alan Gunn review an innovative approach using mucus from common molluscs.

Increased workflow efficiency: a benefit of HbA1c testing on the latest chemistry automation

Against the background of an increasing prevalence of diabetes and demand for glycated haemoglobin testing, workers in the north-east of England have reaped the benefit from the introduction of Beckman Coulter’s new HbA1c assay.

Needle core biopsies: ease and efficiency of processing with LUMEA BxChip

Siobhan Fairgreaves introduces an aid to biopsy processing that protects tissue and facilitates production of maximum diagnostic information. Here, she talks to an early adopter of this innovative chip, and hears of the success achieved with trials in Durham.

CBC-O: how haematology systems aid investigation of a raised MCHC

Modern analyser systems provide cutting-edge support to the haematology laboratory, the latest prime example of which is the benefits provided by equipment and algorithms in the investigation of the cause of a raised mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration.

Human norovirus: a brief look at research in the current literature

With lower temperatures and shorter periods of daylight at this time of year, norovirus, the so-called ‘winter vomiting bug’, is set to revisit the hospital setting, bringing with it cases of vomiting and diarrhoea. The following items of research interest are all available via PubMed as free PMC articles.

Novel POCT transforms transfusion decision-making in the cardiac theatre

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and Stago UK have collaborated in a joint interventional study to reduce blood transfusion costs while ensuring patient safety for those undergoing cardiac surgery.

The pressure is on! Are you ready for the winter influenza season?

With the approach of winter and its effect on respiratory illness, Simon Parker of Roche Diagnostics looks at the role of point-of-care PCR influenza assays in facilitating significant improvements in clinical decision-making.

Biomedical Science Congress: highlights from cellular pathology to immunology

Summaries of lectures on the comprehensive IBMS Biomedical Science Congress scientific lecture programme are requested from individual speakers. In this first of two reviews, Pathology in Practice selects highlights from alphabetically cellular pathology to immunology.

Women advancing in science: an ongoing tale of inequalities

Why is it such a struggle for women to get to the top in healthcare science? There is no simple answer, of course, and the reasons are multifactorial. Here, Valerie Bevan considers the issues and outlines her experiences.

Digital transformation: making the case for clinical system validation

In light of the pressures of delivering digital transformation at scale, clinical teams need more support and investment to ensure IT systems are safe to use and fit for purpose, as Stephen Seagreen-Bell explains.

Introducing a total sepsis solution at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

A campaign to raise awareness of sepsis in Scotland, combined with the introduction of the latest technology in microbiology, has had a positive impact on the speed of clinical intervention and potential outcomes in the fight against this serious condition, as Janet Young explains.

SHOT 2018 data: human factors and making the LEAP to transfusion safety

SHOT laboratory incident specialist Victoria Tuckley summarises the 2018 Annual Report, and highlights how to create safer transfusion practices, a more satisfactory working environment and improved patient safety.

Biomarkers for sepsis and the role of automated haematology systems

In the fight against sepsis, modern haematology and haemostasis technology can assist laboratories looking to provide an early diagnosis of this devastating condition caused by a dysregulated host response to infection.

Statistical quality control: an initial assessment of common QC charting

In this seventh article in a series on internal quality control, Stephen MacDonald moves on from the monitoring of process with rules, to focus this month on the various ways that control can be charted.

Clinical and Laboratory Haemostasis 2019: a UK NEQAS BC update

Tim Woods collates abstracts that reflect proceedings of the UK NEQAS for Blood Coagulation annual scientific and participants’ two-day meeting, which was held at Sheffield Hallam University earlier in the year.

Telomeres and telomerase: controlling the genetic arrow of time

Following on from the research undertaken in Cardiff on the impact of telomere length in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia progression (see page 7), a search of the current literature on this important element of chromosome structure, and its complementary enzyme, illustrates the diverse effects they have in health and disease.

Ebola virus haemorrhagic disease: a look in the current literature

First appearing over four decades ago, the viral haemorrhagic disease that takes its name from a river in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to blight the region of sub-Saharan Africa. The following selection of free-to-access papers found in the recent literature provide a flavour of current research efforts.

Biomedical Science Congress: exhibition and opportunity

Next month, the International Convention Centre in Birmingham will host one of the largest gatherings of biomedical and life science companies held anywhere in the world. The following selection of brief exhibitor previews provides a taste of what IBMS Biomedical Science Congress delegates and visitors may find to interest them on individual stands in the exhibition.

Biomedical Science Congress: making the most of choice, flexibility and opportunity

Next month, the biennial IBMS Congress series returns to the International Convention Centre in Birmingham. Delegates and visitors to the event will find the very best that biomedical science and commercial colleagues have to offer. Here, Pathology in Practice provides a preview of the scientific programme and the supporting exhibition.

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Lab Innovations 2021

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IBMS Biomedical Science Congress 2022

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Upcoming Events

Lab Innovations 2021

NEC, Birmingham
3-4 November 2021

IBMS Biomedical Science Congress 2022

International Convention Centre, Birmingham
14-17 March 2022

Access the latest issue of Pathology In Practice on your mobile device together with an archive of back issues.

Download the FREE Pathology In Practice app from your device's App store

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