IBMS Congress 2022: from microbiology via POCT to virology

Summaries of lectures on the comprehensive Biomedical Science Congress scientific lecture programme are requested from individual speakers. In this second review, Pathology in Practice selects highlights from alphabetically microbiology to virology.

Impressions and reflections of the IBMS Congress 2022 event

The IBMS Congress held in Birmingham in March was a welcome return to face-to-face conference normality. Siobhan Brown from Roche Diagnostics provides an overview of the company’s experiences at the 14th iteration of this important biennial event.

Exotic parasites: a look at the importance of testing in imported pets

Screening and testing of imported pets is not only crucial to the health of the animals and to their owners where there is zoonotic risk, but also to maintain UK biosecurity. Here, Lisa Martin provides an overview based on a recent HORIBA webinar on the subject.

Microscopy of cutaneous malignancies: an H&E subtype evaluation

Frozen section and H&E staining are an integral part of the support for patients undergoing Mohs micrographic surgery. Here, Jeyrroy Gabriel and colleagues report on a focused assessment of haematoxylin staining sensitivity and specificity.

Future-proofing diagnostic testing: examples of innovation

A specialist NHS laboratory, hosted by Newcastle Hospitals, is helping to accelerate the development of new, cutting-edge COVID-19 tests, as well as technologies that could give an early warning of virus threats.

Back to the future: a brief history of the BSMT and a conference preview

The British Society for Microbial Technology has adapted to changing circumstances throughout its 37-year existence. Evolving from its origins in multipoint technology, it now organises annual microbiology conferences covering a wide range of topics.

Twenty first-century Lean tissue processing: LOGOS customer experiences

A new era of optimal tissue processing has been introduced, offering xylene-free ultra-rapid protocols. Here, Menarini Diagnostics provides an overview and reports on a trio of customer experiences using the system.

Reducing the volume of single-use plastic: an award-winning solution

As the exclusive partner for Shuttlepac in the UK and Ireland, here Alpha Laboratories provides the context and background to an award won by the cost-effective, user-friendly and UN3373-compliant ShuttlePouch range of leakproof pouches.

Sickle cell disease: papers with a genetic focus in the literature

he recent reporting in the media of one man’s gene editing treatment to reverse the effect of his sickle cell disease has thrust this condition into the limelight. The following are examples of open-access coverage of sickle cell genetics in the current literature.

Change to anti-Xa from APTT in heparin monitoring: clinical benefits

Recent developments in anti-Xa technology have resulted in a coagulation test that can easily be part of the core coagulation laboratory repertoire. Here, Stago compares and contrasts two methods for monitoring heparin therapy.

SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and COVID-19 disease: a pandemic story update

Pathology services continue to face challenges to detect the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Here, Sarah Pitt provides a further update on the virology, epidemiology, testing and treatment of this mutating agent of pandemic disease.

IBMS Congress 2022: from cellular pathology to immunology

Summaries of lectures on the IBMS Science Congress scientific lecture programme are requested from individual speakers. In this first of two reviews, Pathology in Practice selects highlights from alphabetically cellular pathology to immunology.

Diabetes innovator brings focus on improving quality of life to UK

As ARKRAY transforms into a truly global diabetes brand, UK general manager David Eyre talks to Pathology in Practice about the challenge of setting up a new operation.

Automated thrombin generation offers insights into peritoneal cancer

Thrombin generation testing to measure the coagulation profile of patients undergoing surgery could lead to major improvements in managing intraoperative bleeding. Stago reports on its involvement in surgical research into pseudomyxoma peritonei.

Incident investigation in blood transfusion practice: a review and update

In this article, Serious Hazards of Transfusion laboratory incident specialist Nicola Swarbrick focuses on a specific area of transfusion science haemovigilance practice – incident investigation – that was the topic of a SHOT webinar held last year.

Healthcare-associated infections: tackling environmental spread

Surface transmission has been identified as an important route of pathogen spread, especially within the healthcare environment. Here, Jade Pallett discusses viral and bacterial transmission and looks at the key issues and evidence.

A pain in the gut: a look at the diagnosis of gastrointestinal disease

Accurate diagnosis of GI disease is fundamental for appropriate patient management. Focusing on four common diseases, Carolyne Horner describes how a selection of commercial kits may supplement diagnostic methods and support diagnosis.

HPV: a virus in decline thanks to screening and vaccination

As a result of continued research and development, the incidence of death from cancers caused by human papillomavirus infection is falling. Here, Neil Bentley provides an overview and looks at the impact of screening and diagnostic testing.

Biomedical Science Congress: exhibition and opportunity

Later this month, the ICC in Birmingham will host one of the largest gatherings of biomedical and life science companies. This selection of exhibitor previews offers a taste of what visitors may find to interest them on individual stands in the exhibition.

Open-access publishing: an RSV selection from the current literature

Much has change across the research community over the past two years as a result of the ongoing pandemic. As an example, open-access publishing has been a beneficiary of the need to make the results of research available as quickly as possible.

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