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Rapid SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus test for population screening

Avacta, the developer of Affimer biotherapeutics and reagents, has entered into a collaboration with Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences). The companies will develop and manufacture an Affimer-based point-of-care rapid (POC) test intended for screening large populations to diagnose SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection.

Coagulopathy indicates poor patient prognosis In COVID-19 patients: a guide to best practice

Stage UK has compiled a laboratory best practice guide to the management of COVID 19. It highlights studies showing how abnormal coagulation parameters such as D-dimer and the disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) score can indicate poor patient outcomes. One study shows that 71% of non-survivors had coagulopathy, compared with only 0.6% of survivors.

Risk of viruses emerging in humans may not depend on their animal host

The likelihood of emerging viruses spreading to humans from animals may not depend on the specific animal reservoir of the original virus. As in the case of the current pandemic caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which is thought to have originated in bats, most emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic viruses – diseases that spread from animals to infect humans. As the impact of COVID-19 shows, emerging infectious diseases can seriously threaten human lives and livelihoods globally. Therefore, understanding which groups of animals or viruses pose the greatest risk is important for combating new threats.

Collaboration to scale-up manufacture of nanoparticles for coronavirus diagnostic tests

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses in countries around the globe, there is an urgent need for rapid and reliable point-of-need detection testing. Dolomite Microfluidics and Mologic are working together to accelerate the development and launch of these tests.

New coronavirus protocol to unlock a million daily tests

The precision diagnostics company BillionToOne has announced a significant development in the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic. BillionToOne has developed a highly accurate and cost-effective COVID-19 test protocol, unlocking more than one million testing capacity per day in the USA alone. Test reagents will be available in two weeks, pending kit manufacture and regulatory approval.

Global COVID-19 Clinical Trial Tracker launched

Cytel has launched an open-access global COVID-19 Clinical Trial Tracker to help facilitate greater collaboration between researchers, policy-makers, clinicians, journalists, philanthropists, and other critical stakeholders who need to understand the complex dynamics of the global response to finding a solution to the current coronavirus pandemic. This will enable them to make more-informed and pragmatic decisions on how to channel scarce resources.

Coronavirus ELISA tests now available for high-capacity automation

Aspect Scientific specialises in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) automation systems and offers a range of instrumentation from Dynex Technologies capable of automating any level of workload quickly and easily.

SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus: a reason why the UK lagged behind in testing

Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, claims that this country, unlike Germany, does not have the scale to undertake the testing required in the current coronavirus pandemic, and Public Health England (PHE) is being criticised for its lack of testing capacity. Here, Dr Valerie Bevan (Chair, British Society for Microbial Technology) attempts to put the situation in historical context, in light of her recent correspondence to The Guardian, and letters to The Daily Telegraph from Professor Brian Duerden (last Director of the PHLS) and retired biomedical scientist Michael Coles.

Tests in development to detect coronavirus antibodies

In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, Beckman Coulter is developing assays to identify IgM and IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. Research has shown that after infection with SARS-CoV-2, viral antigens stimulate the body’s immune system to produce antibodies that can be detected with IgM and IgG tests. The assays will be designed for use on any of Beckman Coulter’s high-throughput Access family of immunoassay systems, including the Access 2 and DxI series, which can be found worldwide.

University of Glasgow to support COVID-19 response with new testing facility

The University of Glasgow will host a major COVID-19 testing facility in Glasgow, in support of current UK and Scottish governments and NHS efforts against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic. This is part of a series of measures to increase testing and response to the spread of the virus across the UK. It will be opened in collaboration with the Scottish government and industry experts from BioAscent Discovery and the University of Dundee’s Drug Discovery Unit.

Molecular operations scaled up to ensure ongoing availability of COVID-19 test reagents

PCR Biosystems, the UK-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) expert, is continuing to scale-up operations to ensure the critical enzyme mix for COVID-19 tests remain available to the UK and global healthcare systems as demand for testing rises. To meet current and upcoming requirements and ensure supply chain security, PCR Biosystems has significantly increased – and will continue to increase – manufacture of qPCRBIO Probe 1-Step Go and all other critical reagents for rapid and sensitive RT-qPCR.

Collaboration to increase COVID-19 antigen production for diagnostic kits and vaccine development

OXGENE and The Native Antigen Company have announced a collaboration to scale-up production of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) reagents by combining OXGENE’s proprietary Adenoviral Protein Machine Technology with The Native Antigen Company’s antigen development expertise. Together, OXGENE and The Native Antigen Company will aim to scale their antigen manufacturing capabilities to deliver high-purity, recombinant proteins for the development of diagnostics and vaccines.

Working together to accelerate COVID-19 testing in Australia

The global COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented demands on pathology services to test patient samples for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus alongside pre-existing respiratory virus panels. This extreme influx of samples quickly exhausted the capacity of existing systems in the microbiology and molecular pathology department at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology (SNP) – part of the Sonic Healthcare Group – in Brisbane, Australia, creating a clear need for additional automated liquid-handling instruments.

A trio of tests for COVID-19

Menarini can supply three different CE-marked diagnostic tests in high volumes to support the fight against COVID-19, as follows: Laboratory RT-PCR test, point-of-care RT-PCR, and point-of-care rapid cassette for COVID-19 antibodies.

COVID-19 testing situation: joint statement from BIVDA, ABHI, ABPI and BIA

The urgent global need for the components of testing kits and facilities to carry them out is obviously unprecedented, with every country facing challenges to ensure that supply can meet the huge demand from health services.

Consortium in rapid development of a COVID-19 vaccine

Cobra Biologics is working as part of a consortium led by The Jenner Institute, Oxford University, to develop, scale-up and produce the potential adenoviral vaccine candidate ChAdOx1 nCov-19 (ChAdOx1), for fast-tracked clinical trials for COVID-19. ChAdOx1 is one of five frontrunner vaccines in development around the world, and expected to be the UK’s first COVID-19 vaccine. The ChAdOx1 consortium also includes the University of Oxford Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility, the Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC), Advent Srl, Pall Life Sciences and Halix BV.

Update on point-of-care test for SARS-CoV-2

A game-changing point-of-care coronavirus test from global diagnostics company Randox Laboratories and leading technology manufacturer Bosch Healthcare Solutions will launch later in April. The Vivalytic Viral Respiratory Tract Infection (VRI) Array can identify SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and differentiate it from nine other respiratory infections with similar symptoms, including influenza and all known coronaviruses. This provides a more comprehensive respiratory screening which enables precise and informed treatment decisions to be made.

Collaboration to develop COVID-19 vaccine

Cobra Biologics and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have been awarded €3 million emergency funding by Horizon 2020 for research and development, and phase I clinical trial testing of a DNA vaccine against COVID-19, as part of the OPENCORONA consortium to support global efforts tackling the pandemic. Partners in the consortium also include Karolinska University Hospital, Public Health Authority (FoHM), IGEA, Adlego AB and Giessen University.

Commercial response to SARS-CoV-2 from Mark Reed of Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Pro-Lab Diagnostics is engaged in the development, manufacture and supply of In vitro diagnostic kits, reagents and associated apparatus globally with its head office in Toronto, Canada. Its European division is situated on the Wirral in the north-west of England. The UK facility is now designated and identified as an essential/critical supply company to the NHS and all precautions and guidelines are in place for the wellbeing of its laboratory, office and administration staff.

Supporting increased COVID-19 testing and reporting

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, laboratories around the world are being asked to scale up their testing capacity rapidly. In response to this Cirdan has been configuring its ULTRA Laboratory Information System (LIS) to facilitate this increased testing demand. Links between ULTRA and instrument analysers, as well as links to external registries where COVID-19 test data need to be reported are being developed.

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Upcoming Events

Lab Innovations 2021

NEC, Birmingham
3-4 November 2021

IBMS Biomedical Science Congress 2022

International Convention Centre, Birmingham
14-17 March 2022

Access the latest issue of Pathology In Practice on your mobile device together with an archive of back issues.

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