Corrosion-resistant analogue hot plates and stirrers

Torrey Pines Scientific has launched a new line of corrosion-resistant multi-position stirring analogue hot plates and stirrers with five or nine stirring positions, making them ideal for acid digestions and working with most corrosive solutions.

Market research on the healthcare industry

In vitro diagnostics represents a large market, with scores of significant competitors. Sorting out the marketplace can be difficult without a definitive guide.

Microbiology testing for the NHS and Public Health

Like many other microbiologists and the public health community, Professor Brian Duerden and colleagues are very concerned about the COVID-19 microbiology testing debacle and the consequences of the demise of Public Health England (PHE).

BIVDA joins key DIT Trade Advisory Group on Life Sciences

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has launched 11 new trade advisory groups (TAGs), as part of a major new business engagement drive designed to support the UK’s ambitious trade negotiations.

Remote monitor facilitates efficiency and regulatory compliance

Clinical laboratories can now benefit from a next-generation remote monitoring solution designed to enable superior levels of sample protection, workflow efficiencies, asset/cost optimisation and regulatory compliance.

Pipetting robot offers flexibility in virology research

Researchers in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Otago, New Zealand, are focused on understanding the mechanisms and clinical consequences of drug-resistant viruses, as well as performing antiviral drug discovery.

Take, Test and Treat: a free series of webinars

BD has teamed up with CloserStill Media, organisers of Health Plus Care, to present ‘Take, Test and Treat – The critical future in diagnostics and blood culture’ webinar series, taking place online on 8, 9 and 10 September.

SHOT Report 2019: Laboratory and information technology highlights

The SHOT team has announced its first topic-specific webinar, on the laboratory and information technology chapters of the SHOT Report 2019, to be held on 11 September at 2.00 pm BST. Click on this story for the link to register for this free event.

Differences in biomarkers and genetic risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers at the University of Glasgow have conducted the largest study to date on a wide range of common blood biomarkers and show clear differences in people at genetic risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

New Purite ECO water purification units cut laboratory costs

The latest range of Purite ECO water purification units, available from SUEZ Water Purification Systems, is designed to minimise the volume of water and energy used by laboratories, and can reduce operating costs by over £100 per month.

Facilitating high-throughput 3D cell screening workflow

Researchers are turning to INTEGRA Biosciences’ VIAFLO 96/384 handheld electronic pipette for rapid and precise filling of specialised 3D cell culture plates, to increase throughput and meet the demands of high-volume drug discovery programmes.

analytica 2020 extends its reach with analytica virtual

With the new format, analytica virtual, the world’s leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology also enables those exhibitors and visitors to participate who, due to travel restrictions, cannot come to Munich.

Invisible science

Summer of ’69 saw the first moon landing and John Stevens started work in pathology at Southampton. Ultimately, John would become an IBMS president and is currently Chair of the Academy for Healthcare Science.

Customised solutions for managing surgical specimens

Menarini has expanded its Surgical Specimen Management portfolio with UltraSAFE, the safe formalin dispensing solution. UltraSAFE provides total safety, standardisation and traceability without the need to change the user’s current process.

Cloud-first approach to enterprise-wide LIMS deployment

Thermo Fisher Scientific has expanded deployment model options for SampleManager LIMS software, offering laboratories end-to-end support of the software deployment in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Lab Innovations: visitors are in safe hands

The UK government recently endorsed the reopening of conferences and exhibitions, releasing a series of guidelines to keep participants safe. To guarantee that these are followed, Easyfairs, the organiser of Lab Innovations, has partnered with SGS.

First placement of APAS Independence in the UK

Clever Culture Systems has announced the first APAS Independence placement into a UK laboratory, at the Health Services Laboratory (HSL), a state-of-the-art facility located within the Halo building, part of London’s life sciences hub, MedCity.

Increasing the reproducibility of detection assays

Researchers in the Hadad Research Group, based in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ohio State University, are studying organophosphate pesticides in vitro, and are using INTEGRA’s ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot to streamline workflows.

Point-of-care virus testing using screen-printed electrodes

Point-of-care (POC) testing with screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) allows rapid testing of populations for viral outbreaks at affordable costs, without the need for trained specialists and/or complicated equipment.

Lyme disease testing: a free webinar

Dr Elizabeth Lee-Lewandrowski will discuss the findings of a seven-year study on Lyme disease testing in a webinar on Thursday 30 July 2020. This is part of an ongoing series hosted by Quidel, the California-based diagnostic healthcare manufacturer.