Following a decade of developments, and entries from more than 250 teams around the world, the £8m Longitude Prize on AMR has been awarded to the PA-100 AST System from Sysmex Astrego.


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The challenges of creating an EQA scheme for digital pathology

UK NEQAS CPT currently has an EQA scheme for digital pathology in a pre-pilot phase. Here, Scheme Manager Lorren Mitchell details the research and planning required to ensure it will be suitable and effective for this evolving field.

Enhanced in-house MRSA testing algorithm for detecting PVL toxins

Staphylococcus aureus is one of a number of pathogens with increased abilities to evade the effects of antimicrobial agents, with MRSA continuing to evolve. New technology is now allowing quicker identification of infection-causing pathogens, allowing earlier treatment and adoption of other measures to limit spread, explains Camila Onyekwere.

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