New solution offers high quality, high speed staining and adaptable workflows

The recent BOND-PRIME launch by Leica Biosystems introduces technological advancements to help laboratories maintain staining quality with increased workloads. Novel staining technology ensures even tissue coverage, with active fluid control and airgapped exchange to minimise the risk of carryover; while the system incorporates all aspects of Universal Access offering ultimate flexibility.

The role of the histopathologist is pivotal in cancer diagnosis. Yet, to compete and work effectively in 21st century diagnostics requires not only accurate diagnosis but also meeting the challenge of dealing with increasing workloads while maintaining the highest possible quality. With the NHS struggling under the burden of delayed cancer testing,1 there is an urgent need for a high-throughput immunohistochemistry (IHC) system that can power through the process without concern over loss of quality.

The recent launch by Leica Biosystems of the BOND-PRIME Advanced Staining Solution sets new IHC standards for quality, functionality and speed, all designed to transform the IHC service within the modern cellular pathology laboratory. Each IHC laboratory operates in its own subtly unique way. The most efficient workflow is one that can adapt quickly to changing needs while maintaining or enhancing the quality that is vital to this diagnostic service.  

Early developments in IHC

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