Molecular diagnostics from Mobidiag

Mobidiag develops and markets molecular diagnostics for gastrointestinal infections, antimicrobial resistance management, healthcare-associated infections and respiratory infections (including COVID-19).

The company aims to provide a global solution to clinicians, suited for their own laboratory needs and capacities.

Following the COVID-19 crisis, Mobidiag has harnessed its existing technologies and expertise to develop and supply coronavirus molecular diagnostic tests. In addition to targeted tests for COVID-19, it is now offering RESP-4 multiplex panels, which are highly relevant to both the traditional influenza season and COVID-19.

Symptoms caused by most common winter season viruses (SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A, Influenza B and RSV) can be very similar, and it is imperative that healthcare professionals are able to distinguish between them rapidly, in order to start the appropriate treatment. Amplidiag RESP-4 (for batch testing) and Novodiag RESP-4 (for on-demand testing) are now available.


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