Guided pipetting systems: a webinar

CRISPR/Cas9 has revolutionised how genetic screens are conducted, as the system is easy to implement into existing workflows. In a webinar on 10 December, researcher Karsten Krey will explain the value of a guided pipetting system.

Large-scale screening experiments are particularly well suited for automation as many repeated workflow steps are required.  The integration of a guided pipetting system such as Pipette+ results in fewer user-related errors, in 20% of the time normally required. Using the Pipette+ system of Andrew Alliance, together with the cloud-native OneLab software, experiments can be designed, executed and fully tracked quickly.

In the webinar to be held on Thursday 10 December (10.00 am EDT, 3.00 pm GMT) those taking part will learn the benefits of:

  • simpler, fully programmable guided pipetting
  • superior reproducibility
  • freeing time to focus on higher level tasks.

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