Save expensive reagents using 12-well reagent reservoirs

Use of multichannel pipettes can streamline assay workflow and increase reproducibility. To optimise productivity, however, you need to use them in combination with reagent reservoirs.

Many reagent reservoirs have high dead volumes, which can affect the cost of even the most efficiently run experiments. INTEGRA Biosciences offers an ever-expanding range of reagent reservoirs to support a breadth of applications, and has launched its new 12-well reagent reservoir.

Each section is designed to hold up to 3-mL liquid and comes with its patented SureFlo anti-sealing array – a series of tiny channels on the bottom of the reservoir. This means you no longer need to worry about pipette tips creating a seal or vacuum, which can lead to cross-contamination, reduced pipetting accuracy and increased pipette maintenance. Combined with a specially formulated hydrophilic surface treatment to prevent liquids from pooling, the reservoirs are designed to offer the lowest dead volumes on the market, significantly reducing waste of expensive reagents and low volume samples.

This new reservoir is especially useful for multichannel pipetting of samples into a 96-well plate – as the 9-mm well-to-well spacing matches plate spacing – and serial dilutions, enabling 12 well dilutions in the reservoir or the transfer of 12 samples from reservoir to a microplate where dilutions can then be performed. The reservoir can be used with the full range of EVOLVE manual pipettes or VIAFLO electronic pipettes, either for handheld use or in combination with the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, and comes in a choice of polystyrene or polypropylene options for improved chemical compatibility.