Speeding up production of kits for the next generation of scientists

Biotechnology education company Edvotek is dedicated to bringing high-technology science to the classroom, and is using INTEGRA Biosciences’ pipettes to produce training kits for teachers, helping them to share the latest developments with students.

Thomas Cynkar (Vice President of Manufacturing at Edvotek) explained: “If teachers don’t have access to the equipment and kits necessary to teach children about the latest scientific discoveries, this could negatively affect the education of those wanting to pursue a career in science. Edvotek was created to address this issue, and was the first company to make biotechnology products exclusively for high schools, colleges and middle schools.

“We acquired our first VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette in 2017, and immediately noticed a world of difference in terms of speed and accuracy for dispensing reagents. As we’ve grown as a company and our kits have become more popular, we’ve gone from pipetting a couple of hundred samples a week to processing thousands of tubes. Our VOYAGER pipettes make the whole process so much faster and more accurate, and dramatically increases our throughput.

“It’s so easy to process numerous tubes in racks with different spacing – and with single-handed operation – which we simply couldn’t do with our previous pipettes. We have much more confidence in the pipetting performance, helping to maintain the quality of our kits, and have more than doubled the speed with which we're able to fill the tubes – it’s perhaps even three to four times faster than previously, which is amazing.”

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