DNA and RNA extraction, now with automated option

The QuickGene series of instruments and kits from Alpha Laboratories provides a novel, innovate method for DNA and RNA extraction from a range of sample types, all without the need for centrifugation.

The range of QuickGene kits enables extraction of DNA and RNA from samples up to 2 mL in size and from a range of different sources, including viruses, bacteria, cultured cells, whole blood, animal and plant tissue.

As with other solid-phase extraction techniques, QuickGene passes samples through a thin hydrophobic membrane allowing hydrophilic molecules to pass through while keeping hydrophobic molecules, such as nucleic acids, retained in the membrane for elution and collection.  QuickGene porous membranes are just 100 μm thick, just 10% of the size of traditional 1000 μm glass fibre membranes.

Using compressed air is a gentler process, protecting nucleic acids, which in turn provides longer, more complete strands, all while retaining impeccable sample purity and yield, giving more confidence in results.

The range encompasses two instruments for semi-automation, two instruments for full automation and an adapter to allow seamless change between the extensive number of kits.

The simplicity and ease of use of the QuickGene instruments permit quick and simple staff training, resulting in top quality extraction every time in a rapid, simple process. It is perfect for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing or other downstream application in any size of laboratory.


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