Quick and reliable endotoxin and β-glucan testing

Endotoxin testing is a vital assay for all injectable or implantable products. PYROSTAR, now available from Alpha Laboratories, enables in-house endotoxin testing, providing full control over one of the most important aspects of quality control.

With samples tested in-house, results are available as soon as the assay finishes.

The flexible system offers assays in different formats and pack sizes, at a range of sensitivities, allowing users to tailor testing and workflow to their specific needs.

The FUJIFILM Wako PYROSTAR range provides three highly sensitive assays; Gel Clot Assay (GCA), Kinetic Turbidimetric Assay (KTA) and Kinetic Colorimetric Assay (KCA), for use with the ET-7000 toxinometer. These are all based on the long-established and trusted Limulus amoebocyte lysate (LAL) method, testing for the presence of bacterial endotoxins and β-glucans, ensuring that products are safe and pyrogen-free.

Alpha laboratories can supply all the reagents, accessories, consumables, equipment and support necessary for this testing, providing a one-stop shop for all endotoxin testing needs.


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