Comments from BIVDA on the NHS Confederation ‘NHS Reset’ report

The British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA) has commented on a recent NHS Confederation report, which focuses on the policy levers needed to put the NHS back onto a secure footing in the months ahead.

The NHS Reset report aims to:

  • recognise both the sacrifice and achievements of the health and care sector’s response to COVID-19, including the major innovations that have been delivered at pace
  • rebuild local service provision to meet the physical, mental and social needs of communities affected by severe economic and social disruption
  • reset ambitions for what the health and care system of the future should look like, including its relationship with the public and public services. 

Welcoming the report, BIVDA Chief Operating Officer Helen Dent commented: “BIVDA members are playing a critical role in this pandemic, developing and producing innovative new tests to identify and respond to the COVID-19 virus. IVDs will continue to play a vital role in managing the pandemic, but are equally as critical when restarting other NHS operations by enabling clinical diagnosis for patients experiencing treatment delays from March. BIVDA recently outlined our NHS reset policy position in our Spending Review submission and we welcome that this report echoes many of our recommendations.”

A copy of BIVDA’ Spending Review submission can be found here.