Fully automated onsite archiving and retrieval management

Menarini Diagnostics is expanding its comprehensive cellular pathology portfolio with ARKIVE BC and ARKIVE SL solutions for automated archiving and retrieval of histological blocks and slides.

Arkive BC for blocks and Arkive SL for slides streamlines and automates the archiving and retrieval process, optimises traceability, ensures the safety of important patient tissue blocks and slides, and reduces the time and effort needed to sort and store these items. Patient samples will always be viable for future use. Automating this process means staff time is freed, laboratory productivity can be improved, and resources can be focused on what matters most –reliable diagnostics and better patient care.

The automated storage of blocks on the ARKIVE BC units starts with the operator scanning the user ID badge and loading the block storage racks on the unit. Inside the unit a robotic arm moves the blocks to a barcoded location and tracks where each block is placed. All information is transferred to the LIMS, making the retrieval as quick and easy as storage. The ARKIVE SL unit consists of the Finder device, the Server and Standard cabinet(s), and the SmArkive mobile device with the SLTrack App. The archiving process starts when an operator accepts the archiving request and collects the slide cartridges. The operator loads the cartridges on the finder unit. The finder will sort the slides and transfer them from the cartridge to the storage rack. The SLTrack App will communicate with the server and illuminate the correct cabinet to place the storage rack. When in the correct location, the information will be transferred to the LIMS. These unique solutions will provide full safety for histological samples; with temperature and humidity monitoring, controlled and restricted user access, and dedicated racks for physical protection from contact and cross-contamination.

More details about the ARKIVE BC (block storage) and ARKIVE SL (slide storage), or any of Menarini’s Cellular Pathology range, contact:

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