Remote monitor facilitates efficiency and regulatory compliance

Clinical laboratories can now benefit from a next-generation remote monitoring solution designed to enable superior levels of sample protection, workflow efficiencies, asset/cost optimisation and regulatory compliance.

With the option for an on-premises or cloud set-up, the Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue Pro Remote Monitoring Solution provides real-time, continuous monitoring of critical laboratory equipment parameters and immediately notifies users about off-limit measurements that, if left unattended, could compromise sample safety and integrity.

Notifications are delivered by email, text message or phone call, through a secure network, prompting corrective action. Importantly, the Smart-Vue Pro solution delivers fully traceable data logging and secure user-level access to the complete system functionality at any time, from anywhere with Internet access, facilitating compliance with a wide range of regulatory standards.

Operating on the Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology, the Smart-Vue Pro solution can monitor conditions across several laboratories simultaneously located on different floors or buildings. The LoRaWAN technology ensures a single receiver can cover up to 2 km line of sight in urban areas, eliminating the need to invest in multiple monitoring systems.

Scalability is further enhanced through the advanced modular, customisable architecture of the Smart-Vue Pro solution that supports up to four precalibrated Smart Digital Sensors. As a result, the system can monitor many pieces of equipment or multiple parameters within one piece of equipment at the same time.

Finally, the Smart-Vue Pro solution permits easy expansion to accommodate additional pieces of equipment without the need for costly upgrades. Overall, this improved scalability results in considerable installation, hardware and maintenance cost-savings.