All-in-one laboratory aspirator

Don Whitley Scientific has launched the Whitley AsPROvac, an all-in-one laboratory aspirator to ensure biological liquid waste can be aspirated and disposed of quickly and safely.

The device features a novel quick-release cap/lid assembly, a shatterproof four litre autoclavable waste bottle and digital display of the vacuum level. The handheld aspirator comprises a single tip and an eight-channel tip plus a single disposable tip adaptor and an eight-channel tip adaptor.

AsPROvac is very easy to use and little training is required. Colour-coded, quick-release tubing connectors mean that users can always assemble the product quickly and correctly. Another feature that helps the user is the integral display that shows the vacuum level selected. The speed can be changed to increase the rate of emptying of large vessels or can be reduced for the delicate and careful removal of smaller quantities of biological liquid waste. 

With a compact footprint and the bottle sitting low in the holder, this provides a solid, stable base and prevents bottles from being knocked over. AsPROvac is lightweight so can be moved around the laboratory with ease and has additional ergonomic hand holds on the base for easy lifting and handling of the entire unit.