Liquid aspiration in biosafety cabinets

The BioChem-VacuuCenter (BVC) fluid aspiration systems are the perfect solution for safe, sensitive and efficient aspiration of cell culture supernatants.

Biosafety cabinets (BSC, class I or II) are indispensable for cell culture work and R&D in the life sciences. They offer high protection level inside and outside, but also require a high investment. This investment in safety without compromise is questioned when the most common added accessory – the aspiration pump – is inadequate and questions the whole safety concept.

Aspiration pumps with 2–4 litre waste collection bottles are too big to be placed inside the BSC; if placed outside, potentially bioactive liquids are pumped out of the safe containment of the BSC.

The BVC liquid aspiration systems from VACUUBRAND offer uncompromised comfort and safety, including:

  • sensitive suction selection from gentle to fast for sample protection
  • whisper-quiet vacuum pump working on demand automatically
  • safety aspects as 0.2 µm filter, leakproof patented hand controller as well as autoclavable and shatter-proof waste bottle or powerful bleach-proof (aggressive disinfectants) glass waste bottle
  • ready to accept a second hand controller for second user, sharing one pump
  • BVC professional with self-closing quick couplings and non-contaminated liquid level sensor.