Cas9 and dCas9-VPR stable cell lines in CRISPR gene editing workflows

Horizon Discovery Group, a leader in gene editing and gene modulation for cell line engineering, has introduced its stably expressing Cas9 and dCas9-VPR cell lines to help accelerate gene knockout and gene activation experiments, respectively.

The cell lines are optimised to work alongside Horizon’s Edit-R predesigned synthetic single-guide RNA (sgRNA) and CRISPRa guide RNA, offering researchers a complete solution to simplify and streamline CRISPR gene editing and modulation workflows.

Horizon’s Cas9 and dCas9-VPR-stable cell lines were generated using its Edit-R Lentiviral particles with a blasticidin resistance cassette and are provided in pooled format. The cell lines are QC verified and validated to ensure stable expression and functionality of Cas9 or dCas9-VPR endonuclease in a range of common cell backgrounds.

Both cell lines are available in the same background to enable loss- and gain-of-function studies to be performed in parallel, without the need to engineer a cell line specifically for this purpose. Removing the time-intensive step of generating a stable cell line and the cost associated with purchasing a nuclease could help researchers increase R&D productivity and allow novice users gain a better understanding of the CRISPR workflow.