Free EQA scheme for UFH anti-Xa measurement now available

The role of unfractionated heparin (UFH) has come to the fore in the battle to save COVID -19 patients. With laboratories facing increased demand to measure anti-Xa activity, Stago UK is offering free enrolment in its Qualiris EQA scheme for UFH, which includes an anti-Xa assay peer group.

New research shows that blood clots and strokes can be a side-effect of COVID-19, especially in those patients who suffer a severe autoimmune reaction in their battle with the coronavirus.  Evidence indicates that those given heparin may have a better outcome.

Alex Stephenson, Stago’s reagent product manager, explained:  “We know that many laboratories are now being asked to provide an anti-Xa-based measurement of heparins for COVID-19 patients.  Accurate measurement is critical.

“Finding a suitable EQA scheme for the anti-Xa-based measurement of UFH can be a challenge. To help in the effort to fight COVID-19, Stago UK is giving all UK laboratories the chance to sign up for free access to this parameter in Qualiris, our comprehensive EQA scheme. This will help with the verification and validation of new tests and their ongoing quality management.” 

Laboratories do not have to be Stago customers to benefit from this offer.  Enrolment is easy. Simply email [email protected] and a member of the Stago COVID-19 team will be in touch to make arrangements.  Stago also offers a range of free educational material on all aspects of coagulation, with a Quick Guide to Haemostasis and Heparin Monitoring also available.

Click here for Stago’s Anticoagulation monitoring guide