Breaking optical barriers to deliver outstanding image quality

Olympus has received a Gold Edison Award for its X Line objectives in the Applied Technology category and Optical & Imaging Technologies subcategory. The Edison Award is one of the most prestigious accolades honouring excellence in new product development, design and innovation.

Designed with new manufacturing technology that creates lenses with shapes that are difficult to fabricate using other methods, the Olympus X Line objectives improve optical performance in three critical areas:

  • Expanded flatness for uniform images from the centre to the edge with an observation square area 1.7 times greater than conventional objectives
  • ​Exceptional colour accuracy during brightfield and multicolour fluorescence imaging with chromatic aberration from violet to near-infrared (400-1000 nm) 
  • Excellent image quality, even with weak excitation light, with a higher numerical aperture (up to 1.45) for reduced fluorescence fading and phototoxicity during time-lapse experiments.

Users can acquire bright, high-quality images throughout the entire field of view, helping improve quantitative data acquisition and the speed of creating large stitched images.

The Olympus X Line objectives were selected by a panel of over 3000 leading business executives from around the world. “After a thorough review, the Edison Awards judges recognized the X Line objectives as a game-changing innovation standing out among the best new products and services launched in their category,” said Frank onafilia, Executive Director of the Edison Awards.