Ultraviolet sterilisation working for you

The UV-Box from Air Science is a high-efficiency chamber designed to decontaminate contents safely while providing a safe work environment for the operator. High-intensity UV lamps are positioned within the cabinet producing short-wave ultraviolet light at 254 nm to destroy exposed surface DNA and bacteria, leaving items free of contamination prior to other forensic tests, analysis or procedures.

UV-Box features and benefits include:

  • UV lamps optimally placed to eliminate blind spots. Corners and walls are smooth to ensure easy cleaning. Stainless steel surfaces naturally reflect UV radiation to ensure contents are fully irradiated from all directions.
  • Professional design and construction features offer convenience and protect the safety of personnel during use, cleaning and maintenance of the cabinets.
  • The operator is protected from UV radiation by the UV-absorbing window and with safety controls to ensure that lamps cannot be activated until the cabinet door is closed.
  • Other safety features include UV timer, hanging rod and shelf to support or suspend items for decontamination.

Complete information and specifications are available online.