Compact random-access analyser and liquid-stable reagents

The EKF Altair 240 clinical chemistry analyser is a compact and fully automated random-access benchtop instrument with positions for 43 reagents, including the ability to configure open channels. The analyser can use barcoded and easy-to-load high-quality Stanbio reagents or reagents from any other manufacturer. The intuitive Windows-based software and touchscreen interface makes operating the analyser quick and easy.

The Altair 240 can run up to 400 tests per hour with an optional ISE module and features dual reagent / sampling probes allow for higher throughput and faster turn-around times, with the Increased efficiency of reusable cuvettes and reagents with 30-day onboard stability to minimise waste and operating costs.

EKF Diagnostics' Stanbio Chemistry menu includes liquid-stable reagents, calibrators, standards and controls that can be used on most main brand analysers including cobas, Architect, Dimension and Hitachi, plus the EKF Altair 240. Stanbio continues to offer the broadest range of liquid-stable clinical chemistry reagents available worldwide. The Stanbio line of reagents is designed for maximum stability, ease of use, and are optimised for today's chemistry analysers.