COVID-19: new test to differentiate lethal and non-lethal infections

A ground-breaking test for the potentially fatal COVID-19 strain of coronavirus is available at global health diagnostics company Randox Laboratories. The test, developed on Randox’s patented Biochip Technology, is as an enhanced multiplex array which includes tests for COVID-19 and nine other respiratory viruses that can display the same symptoms. The new enhanced biochip therefore allows clinicians to quickly and efficiently differentiate between potentially lethal and non-lethal infections.

Dr Peter FitzGerald (Managing Director, Randox Laboratories) commented: “Current technologies for the diagnosis of coronavirus are designed simply to detect the presence or lack of COVID-19, and therefore neglect to differentiate between this strain and other respiratory infections. We have therefore developed an extended Viral Respiratory Infection Array that tests simultaneously for COVID-19 and nine other viruses. This will eliminate the need for multiple back-and-forth tests before the root cause of symptoms is found, and empower clinicians to make fast and informed decisions.”

The test is available on the Randox Evidence Investigator with benefits that include quick turnaround times (five hours on the Evidence Investigator), multiplex array differentiates between mild and serious infection, automated and semi-automated options available, and medium to high throughput (54 samples in five hours).

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