High-performance measurement equipment

At EuroLab 2020 in Warsaw (17–19 March), T&D Corporation will be presenting monitoring solutions adaptable to individual needs, and ideally suited to logging various conditions in medical and laboratory surroundings. At the show, T&D will showcase versatile wireless data logger systems, including the RTR-500 series, the Bluetooth-featured WiFi logger TR-7 series and the easy-to-use Bluetooth logger TR4-series, as well as suitable software applications.

T&D offers versatile data loggers adaptable for the individual needs of laboratories, the medical and forensic sectors. The devices are designed for high-performance logging of different parameters. The data loggers in the RTR-500 family support users who need a wireless logging option, as well as maximum flexibility. The RTR-500 loggers can measure temperature, humidity, mA, voltage, pulse, UV, illuminance and CO2.

By simultaneously connecting up to 640 data loggers of the RTR-500 series to one base station via WLAN RTR-500AW, Wired LAN RTRT-500NW, USB RTR-500 or 3G Mobile Communication RTR-500MBS-A, large areas and several laboratories can be monitored at the same time. The free-of-charge T&D Graph allows users to read larger numbers of recorded data files in the same graph, merge data, view and save data in multiple ways, and use more effective tools for data management and analysis.