DreamPrep NAP featuring Zymo Research workstation

Tecan’s new DreamPrep NAP workstation is designed to simplify nucleic acid extraction workflows. Tecan has collaborated closely with Zymo Research to offer a ready-to-go processing solution for the ZymoBIOMICS 96 MagBead DNA Kit, including walkaway quantification and normalisation with an onboard Infinite 200 PRO reader.

The DreamPrep NAP featuring Zymo Research platform provides flexible processing of virtually any magnetic bead-based extraction workflow, and has been preconfigured, preprogrammed and optimised for Zymo Research kits. Based on the Fluent 480 Automation Workstation, this system offers efficient, unbiased lysis to generate high-quality nucleic acid samples ready for immediate microbiome or metagenome analysis to reveal the true composition of samples.

It is supplied with both Tecan Connect – allowing you to monitor your instrument on your smartphone – and Introspect, which automatically gathers instrument runtime, reagent and consumables usage, and error rate data. These cloud-based software solutions provide valuable insights on instrument management and availability, helping users to shape the future laboratory automation.